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Alternative Media, a section of the "" moderated by Penny Perkins, offers lively commentary on the best of new media on the Internet. When you get into the main site, search under "Alternative Media" to find Penny's place. Excellent. Penny likes American Review, too, touting the site when it used to be known as The Real News Page.

American Journalism Review

Civic Journalism: A selection of links to sites related to civic or "public journalism," a movement that seeks to make reporting more releveant and responsive to human life. Includes a fascinating account on "deliberative polling" that finally makes polling make sense.

Columbia Journalism Review

The Consortium for Independent Journalism: A bi-weekly on-line 'zine and newsletter, edited by veteran reporter Robert Parry "to give Americans an alternative to the often inept mainstream media." The Consortium delivered in spades with a seering story about police abuse in Fairfield CA, "Who's Watching the Police?" (check Consortium archive). Parry knows from media. He spent two decades covering Washington for AP, Newsweek and Frontline on PBS where he broke many of the stories now known as the Iran-contra scandal, including the first stories on contra cocaine smuggling. The Consortium is free although contributions are greatly appreciated.

Corpus Christi E-Press, making waves to change the local news scene. A model for your home town? Take a look.

CyberAtlas: Concise data-based overview of the World Wide Web and the emergence of Internet marketing.

The Daily Howler: "The unexamined press corps is not worth reading."

Electronic Privacy Information Center. Bookmark this site to stay updated on rapidly evolving intrusions into privacy by advertisers and others interested in tracking your commercials tastes, your political leanings, your health records, your business records, evan ChatScan to monitor your chat -- your every aspect of life. Big Brother is no bigger than an electron.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR). Well-documented criticism in an effort to correct media bias and inaccuracy; sentitive to intolerance.

James Fallows Media Commentary: The Website of James Fallows, former editor of US News & World Report and author of superb deconstruction of modern media, "Breaking the News" (a lengthy summary is available here as well). Website is now inactive but his comentary is still timeless and he presents a good collection of links to paw through.

Internet Press Guild, designed to keep tabs on the quality of journalism on the Internet. The Guild also establishes ethical and stylistic standards for online media coverage that have been left unsettled by the media at large.

Media Awareness & Literacy: A selection of links to resources for enlightenment about media issues.

The Media Channel: While the media watches the world, the Media Channel watches the media.

MediaWatch challenges racism, sexism and violence in the media through education and activism.

The Newseum: an actual building you can walk around in when you're in Arlington, VA, created by the Freedom Forum which itself was started with money from Gannett Newspapers (now separated). Study the Newseum critically for its social and historical implications. They offer challenges to the profession of journalism--here and there. Be careful: The Newseum glorifies the news biz--sometimes with merit--but it's an ideal promotional device to keep us sucked into the media game.

People for Better TV. A broad coalition has joined together to fight for public access to the public's airwaves.

The Pew Center for Civic Journalism


Project Censored is famous for highlighting important missing stories.
Republican Bias in Media.

Salon Magazine: "Media Circus" and "NewsReal" sections.

Short Wave: Radio for Peace International brings you high-quality progressive broadcasts. "Far Right Radio Review" monitors right-wing short wave material--which is burgeoning. This website includes a helpful introduction to shortwave listening for those of us who've never done it, and tips on buying a radio. Shortwave stations like RFPI are like a "Radio Internet" and a superb alternative to commercial broadcasting.

Voter Telecommunications Watch: In early 1997, this site featured a working paper authored by, believe it or not, a commissioner at the FCC. "Digital Tornado: The Internet and Telecommunications Policy" essentially says "the Internet is a good thing, even a great thing ... The role of the government is to make the world safe for the Internet and the people who use it and then get the hell out of the way." Check it out and bookmark this site to keep up with legislative news about the Internet.

Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press. A superb collection of media links and articles, based in Washington, DC. Seeks to "democratize the communications media by expanding exercise of freedom of the press (which includes its modern day electronic forms) to enable all people, rich and poor, male and female, to have equal opportunity to reach the whole public with their information, speaking for themselves."

Investigative Reporting, Commentary, Political Opinion

Alternative Media section of, with "guide" Penny Perkins. A marvelous collection of online links and commentary.

American Politics Journal: Astute and irreverant.


The American Prospect: The premier progressive journal for thinking readers.

Joe Conason's Column (New York Observer, enter "Conason" in search window)

Consortium for Independent Journalism edited by Robert Parry

The Electronic Policy Network: An excellent collection of liberal-progressive links and resources, providing timely information and leading ideas about national policy and politics.

Freedom Writer: Institute of First Amendment Studies.

Gene Lyons' Column (appears Wednesdays, enter "Lyons" in Ark Democrat-Gazette site search). He's the author of "Fools for Scandal" about how the NY Times got Whitewater wrong.

3 A.M. Magazine: Hip fiction and other writings. A witty, bright, very cool site. is a breath of fresh air. After nearly a decade of hyperconservative diatribes from the Gingriches and Hatches and Hydes of this world who call themselves Republicans, here's what the real Republican Party is all about. Or should be.

MoveOn.Org: Dedicated to realizing the potential of the Internet to democratize politics. With a system that today revolves around big money and big media, most citizens are left out. When it becomes clear that our "representatives" don't represent the public, the foundations of democracy are in peril. MoveOn and the Internet will be a catalyst for a new kind of grassroots involvement, supporting busy but concerned citizens in finding their political voice.

National Law Journal: Impeachment Section

New York Law Journal: Impeachment Section

New York Times Op Ed Articles and Editorials

New York Times Op Ed Columnists: Complete archive up to the minute for each columnist. Bob Herbert and Anthony Lewis are highly recommended.

Tom Oliphant's Column (appears Tuesday and Saturday, Boston Globe)

Online Journal

Pink Noise Studios:Info on CIA-Contra-Cocaine Connection, anti-abortion violence.

The Political Amazon: A strongly researched collection by one of the best minds on the Internet, with special attention to the Gospelizing of the American legal system by the Christian Right.

Politics Online.

The Progressive Populist, a monthly newspaper edited by Jim Cullen from Austin, Texas, reporting on issues of interest to working people, small business operators and farmers and ranchers.

The Public Eye: A research center which monitors and analyzes the organizations, leaders, and activities of the US political right. One of the best sites on the Web for keeping track of what's happening among hyper-conservatives.

Talk Left: The Politics of Crime, edited by criminal defense attorney Jeralyn Merritt.

Garry Wills' column "Outrider"

Women Leaders Online: The first and largest women's activist group on the internet -- empowering women in politics, media, society, the economy and cyberspace. A wonderful bunch of women (and sympathetic men) doing a crackjack job to keep women's issues at the forefront of American politics.

World Socialist Web Site

A good resource for investigative work on the extreme right.


A Web System of Alternative News, Comment & Analysis

Grassroots for Gore edited by Tarja Black

Michael Moore's Homepage

Online Journal edited by Bev Conover.

The People's Choice edited by Barbara Marlow

Stone's Throw edited by Kim Sayers

Barbra Streisand's Homepage

Together We Can Protect Our Rights edited by Angie Bartone.

Truth in America edited by Sue Wilson

We the People edited by Les Souci

The Yellow Doghouse edited by Brad Bailey



What Does George Will Mean? by Judith Kadoya


A Really Socko Media Reading List from an advanced course in political communications.



The Real News Page goes beyond other "media watch" pages to assert that it's not enough to criticize media or even to become media activists, although these are important. Just as we looked out at society with Robert Putnam, on an individual level we might do well to look inward and learn how to think differently and use more of our intelligence(s). Along these lines, we offer the following:

Matters of Consequence: An interview with renowned educator Dr. Elaine de Beauport, founder of the Mead School for Human Development, author of Three Faces of the Mind published in early 1997 by Quest Books.



Additional resources, older pieces and still-useful links (some may be failing by now).

A double-take on media & democracy

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